Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya (PJU PLTS)

  √ Gambar Teknis Tiang PJU Octagonal Tipe Listrik Tenaga Surya (Tiang PJU PLTS) + Bracket Modul Surya:  

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frame braket modul surya

frame modul surya

Going Environmental Friendly with Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya: 

      Today it is very important that every institution makes environmentally friendly decisions at all levels. One of the areas that deserves our attention is public street lighting (Penerangan Jalan Umum-PJU) solutions. Every year lot of electricity is consumed to keep our streets bright. It is high time that we have started thinking about alternative solutions and in particular renewable energy solutions such as Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya. 

        Solar lighting solutions are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya is used in industrial zones, residential as well as other commercial areas. However, only a minor percentage of electricity comes from this renewable source. There is lot of room for improvement. 

       Even though the use of Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya is beneficial, why every institution is not planning to implement this solution? There is still a lot of hesitation in switching from conventional electrical street lighting solutions to solar public street lighting solutions. What disadvantages do people see in Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya? The first important factor that comes to mind is the expense involved in setting up Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya. It has to be admitted that replacing conventional public street lighting solutions to Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya is considered an unnecessary expense by many. Environmentally responsible organizations of course are ready to pay the price. They try to switch to solar lighting solutions in the best way possible despite the challenges. 

        Though the initial expense may make one think twice, on the long run installing Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya will pay for itself. After the break-even phase, you will be able to enjoy public street lighting totally free of cost. When you are in the dilemma whether to go for Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya or not, you should always take into account the long term benefits.

      The ground reality is not as bad as you think; if you really start getting quotes for Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya from carefully selected manufacturers and suppliers, you will realize that you will be able to install your solar public street lighting poles at reasonable budgets. You will need to look for reputed manufacturers with long standing history. 

        By spending adequate time in identifying your manufacturer, you will certainly be able to find excellent deals. Trusted suppliers like PT. Helori Grahasarana will be able to provide you with excellent quality Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya at the most reasonable prices. You will not have to be stuck with conventional street lighting solution just because of the huge prices that you expect to pay for the switchover. All that you need to do is to get in touch with trusted suppliers and you will certainly be able to notice that there is a huge gap between the reality and your presumptions. 

       Do not delay any longer, get in touch with reputed Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya suppliers for a quote. Getting a quote will certainly not hurt your finances in any way, you will be able to have a better perspective of the ground reality and implement the solar lighting solutions faster.

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