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Tiang Lampu Dekoratif dan Tiang PJU Hias

        Tiang Lampu Dekoratif dan Tiang PJU Hias

        There are various types of street lighting solutions and not all street lighting solutions fit for all situations. You need to choose the apt street lighting products based on where you are planning to install your lighting poles. One of the popular public street lighting options that we have today is Tiang PJU Antik or antique street lighting poles. In which scenarios will it be suitable to use antique public street lighting poles? 

        Let us look at some of the most common places where Tiang PJU Antik will be an ideal fit. As the name suggests, these light poles will have antique look and feel. It will be an excellent choice for street lighting needs in premium residential layouts. They are also used in many parks and walking trails. This should trigger more ideas in you, where you can possibly make use of Tiang PJU Antik. If you are looking for public street lighting options for your resort or your cottage houses, Tiang PJU Antik will be an excellent option. Tiang PJU Antik can also be used in holiday houses.

        We can go on and on with a long list of places where Tiang PJU Antik can be used not only to provide public street lighting solutions but also to beautify the place. If you are reclaiming any heritage sites or historical locations then it will be a good choice to use Tiang PJU Antik to illuminate the region. Many restaurants also use Tiang PJU Antik in their parking lot. It is also common to see Tiang PJU Antik in shopping zones with boutique styled shops.

        Tiang PJU Antik are available in aluminum, steel and other materials. The choice of the material is totally yours. Tiang PJU Antik also come in many interesting designs. You will therefore have wide range of options when you start sourcing your Tiang PJU Antik. When you are planning to purchase Tiang PJU Antik, you should remember to take into account number of other factors too besides the aesthetic beauty of the lighting poles. You need to take into account the durability of the Tiang PJU Antik that is being chosen. As these light poles will be installed outdoors, it is important that you get good quality poles. They need to last a lifetime otherwise; you will be replacing your Tiang PJU frequently, which will only double your expenses. You should make sure to identify the right suppliers of Tiang PJU Antik so that you will be able to get good quality poles.

The Tiang PJU Antik that you install should be easy to maintain and it should not have any additional expenses on the long run. You should therefore make your choices very carefully once and for all. Once you have identified the right suppliers the first time, you will be able to order for your Tiang PJU Antik easily for all subsequent needs without wasting any time in reviewing multiple suppliers. Choose trusted suppliers right at the first time and you certainly be happy with your choice.

jual tiang lampu pju oktagonal jakarta

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Tiang PJU Oktagonal

Tiang PJU Oktagonal (Tiang Penerangan Jalan Umum Oktagonal)Tiang PJU Oktagonal (segi delapan) digunakan sebagai support lampu penerangan jalan pada fasilitas jalan umum, daerah perumahan, lokasi komersial dan industri. Tiang PJU Oktagonal ini dipadukan dengan ornamen lengan lampu berbentuk melengkung (parabolik) maupun T, baik lengan tunggal ataupun ganda. 
    Tiang PJU Oktagonal memiliki ketinggian standar antara 6 s/d maksimal 13 meter, dengan jangkauan panjang bentang lengan maksimal 2,6 meter serta penampang badan tiang berbentuk oktagonal meruncing (tapered). Selain oktagonal, penampang badan juga dapat dibuat heksagonal (segi 6).

  Tiang PJU Oktagonal dilapisi hot dip galvanized (lapisan anti korosi) dengan tebal lapisan rata-rata 76 s/d 80 mikron, dan tebal badan tiang 3,2 MM

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Jasa Shearing Plat atau Jasa Gunting Plat menggunakan CNC Shearing Machine dengan kapasitas gunting plat baja maksimal tebal 16 mm.Sementara untuk plat besi stainless maksimal tebal 12 mm. Jasa Bending Plat atau Jasa Tekuk Plat untuk membentuk profil siku tumpul (obtuse angle formed) menggunakan CNC Pressbrake Machine dengan kapasitas tekuk plat baja maksimal tebal 25 mm.Sementara untuk plat besi stainless maksimal tebal 20 mm.Jasa Rolling Plat atau Jasa Gulung Plat untuk membentuk profil lingkaran (cylinder formed) menggunakan CNC Rolling Machine dengan kapasitas press plat baja maksimal tebal 10 mm.Jasa Cutting Flame Plat atau Jasa Potong Plasma Plat dengan api laser bertemperatur tinggi menggunakan CNC Flame Cutting Machine dengan kapasitas potong plat baja baja maksimal tebal 100 mm.Jasa Punching Plat atau Jasa Plong Plat…