Tiang Lampu High Mast Automatic Lowering System

Tiang Lampu High Mast Automatic Lowering System 

         Tiang Lampu High Mast Automatic Lowering System adalah tiang tinggi dengan desain pencahayaan yang melekat pada ring di bagian atas dengan sorot lampu ke arah tanah, biasanya digunakan untuk menerangi jalan raya atau lapangan rekreasi. Umumnya, tinggi tiang dipasang paling sedikit 18 meter (di bawah ketinggian ini disebut sebagai sistem pencahayaan konvensional).  

    Sementara pencahayaan terdiri dari cincin luminer mengelilingi tiang dengan satu atau beberapa perlengkapan pencahayaan dipasang di sekitarnya. Beberapa unit memiliki pencahayaan yang dikelilingi oleh perisai melingkar untuk mencegah atau mengurangi polusi cahaya atau gangguan yang mempengaruhi pemukiman yang berdekatan dengan jalan raya tersebut.

         Pemeliharaan High Mast sistem Automatik Lowering ini dilakukan dengan menurunkan ring lampu dari kepala tiang ke dasar menggunakan winch dan motorik ke tanah

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Tiang High Mast Automatic Lowering System p2

Tiang High Mast Automatic Lowering System p3

      Tiang Lampu Sorot or Floodlight Masts are tall poles on which floodlights are mounted. They are available in various sizes. If you are in urgent need of Tiang Lampu Sorot, you should go for standard sized masts, which are normally mass-produced based on their popular demand. However, if your needs should demand non-standard sizes, it is still possible to get Tiang Lampu Sorot in non-standard sizes. There are number of manufacturers that will be ready to entertain your custom requirements. However, you should be prepared to give your suppliers adequate lead-time to manufacture custom sized Tiang Lampu Sorot. 

     As Tiang Lampu Sorot are used in wide range of situations, standard sizes may not fit all requirements. Very frequently, floodlight masts are needed in non-standard sizes. Manufacturing custom sized masts is not just about lengthening or shortening the mast size, number of other engineering factors have to be taken into account to ensure that the Tiang Lampu Sorot is structurally strong and safe for use. Some of the common places where you would have already seen Tiang Lampu Sorot include airports, large yards with warehouses, junk yards, harbors and sports stadiums. Tiang Lampu Sorot are used in many other places and it is not possible to list all of them here. Tiang Lampu Sorot is used when a large area has to be illuminated with one or more floodlight masts that are powerful enough to match daylight or natural light.

       Tiang Lampu Sorot are made of heavy grade steel. In some rare cases, they are made of concrete. However, the installation of concrete masts is very challenging. When you are sourcing your Tiang Lampu Sorot, you will have to make sure that they meet your exact requirements. When you are ordering custom sized Tiang Lampu Sorot, you will have to give your exact specifications so that your needs are met fully. Any mistakes in this area will prove to be highly expensive. Source only masts that are easy to install. If you do not pay attention to this factor while ordering the masts, you will end up with a huge expense besides unnecessary installation delays. Depending on the nature of use, your Tiang Lampu Sorot should be serviceable easily. 

       Tiang Lampu Sorot are used not only for illumination purposes, but they often serve as lightning arrestors too. One of the advantages of having this type of lightning arrestor is that you will give better access to the mast in case of any need for servicing or maintenance. 

      When you are ordering your Tiang Lampu Sorot, you should also take into consideration the final finish the masts will be delivered, whether it is going to be crude metal finish or is it going to come with any outer quoting such as enamel quoting or painted finish. When you are comparing the cost, you should take this factor also in to account. Tiang Lampu Sorot with protective outer quoting should be preferred because of the extreme outdoor weather conditions to which they will be exposed.

^ ^ ^ inside our worshop.

            ^ ^ ^ outside our workshop, before moving to hot dip galvanized process.

 ^ ^ ^ the pole is ready to be erected!

* Finishing dilapisi hot dip galvanized (anti korosi). Tebal  plat badan tiang range 4,5 s/d 8 MM (tergantung pada tinggi & jumlah lampu/beban di puncak.