Tiang Lampu Jalan PJU Model Bulat Mengerucut: Round Conical Street Lighting Pole

Tiang Lampu Jalan PJU Model Bulat Mengerucut (Round Conical Street Lighting Pole) adalah tiang dengan model body bulat berdiameter semakin mengecil secara proporsional, sehingga meniadakan proses penyambungan secara press botol ataupun dengan mangkuk reduser (untuk mengabungkan ujung 2 buah pipa yang berbeda diameter) seperti pada tiang listrik. Tiang tsb dibuat dari plate baja lembaran (bukan pipa) yang melalui proses tekuk press dengan menggunakan dies yang khusus dirancang untuk membentuk profil bulat mengerucut. Tinggi tiang model tersebut dapat dibuat maksimal 12 meter langsung 1 segmen tanpa sambungan las maupun tinggi >12 mtr dengan cara penyambungan slip (slip joint) seperti pada tiang oktagonal. Kami adalah Produsen Tiang PJU pertama & tunggal hingga saat ini yang mampu memproduksi Tiang PJU model bulat mengerucut (round conical pole) di Indonesia.

Tiang Besi Listrik SUTR-SUTM PLN

Tiang Besi Listrik SUTR-SUTM PLN 

Tiang Besi Listrik terbuat dari bahan pipa baja (steel pipe) , yang terdiri dari 2 atau 3 susun pipa dengan ukuran berbeda dimana diameter tiang bagian atas lebih kecil dari bagian dibawahnya. Setiap pipa disambung dengan cara bagian yang lebih kecil dimasukkan ke dalam bagian yang lebih besar sepanjang 50 cm dipasang pen dan dilas (press botol) .

Fungsi Tiang Besi Listrik untuk menopang beban:

1. Isolator.

2. Travers/ Cross Arm.

3. Saluran Kabel Udara.


Tower Transmisi Listrik Saluran Udara Tegangan Tinggi dan Ekstra Tinggi (Tower Listrik SUTT dan SUTET) menggunakan Tower Baja jenis Tower Monopole Poligonal



Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya (PJU PLTS)

 Gambar Teknis Tiang PJU Octagonal Tipe Listrik Tenaga Surya (Tiang PJU PLTS) + Bracket Modul Surya:  (Klik nama tiang untuk menampilkan gambar!)


Going Environmental Friendly with Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya: 

      Today it is very important that every institution makes environmentally friendly decisions at all levels. One of the areas that deserves our attention is public street lighting (Penerangan Jalan Umum-PJU) solutions. Every year lot of electricity is consumed to keep our streets bright. It is high time that we have started thinking about alternative solutions and in particular renewable energy solutions such as Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya. 

        Solar lighting solutions are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya is used in industrial zones, residential as well as other commercial areas. However, only a minor percentage of electricity comes from this renewable source. There is lot of room for improvement. 

       Even though the use of Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya is beneficial, why every institution is not planning to implement this solution? There is still a lot of hesitation in switching from conventional electrical street lighting solutions to solar public street lighting solutions. What disadvantages do people see in Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya? The first important factor that comes to mind is the expense involved in setting up Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya. It has to be admitted that replacing conventional public street lighting solutions to Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya is considered an unnecessary expense by many. Environmentally responsible organizations of course are ready to pay the price. They try to switch to solar lighting solutions in the best way possible despite the challenges. 

        Though the initial expense may make one think twice, on the long run installing Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya will pay for itself. After the break-even phase, you will be able to enjoy public street lighting totally free of cost. When you are in the dilemma whether to go for Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya or not, you should always take into account the long term benefits.

      The ground reality is not as bad as you think; if you really start getting quotes for Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya from carefully selected manufacturers and suppliers, you will realize that you will be able to install your solar public street lighting poles at reasonable budgets. You will need to look for reputed manufacturers with long standing history. 

        By spending adequate time in identifying your manufacturer, you will certainly be able to find excellent deals. Trusted suppliers like PT. Helori Grahasarana will be able to provide you with excellent quality Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya at the most reasonable prices. You will not have to be stuck with conventional street lighting solution just because of the huge prices that you expect to pay for the switchover. All that you need to do is to get in touch with trusted suppliers and you will certainly be able to notice that there is a huge gap between the reality and your presumptions. 

       Do not delay any longer, get in touch with reputed Tiang PJU Tenaga Surya suppliers for a quote. Getting a quote will certainly not hurt your finances in any way, you will be able to have a better perspective of the ground reality and implement the solar lighting solutions faster.

Tiang Penangkal Petir dan Tiang Antena

    Factor to be taken into account while buying Tiang Penangkal Petir or Lightning Arrester Pole: 

     We manufacture different kinds of Tiang Penangkal Petir. Tiang are multifaceted and in different heights (usually from 9 to 45 meters) and based on conditions they can have ladder and basket and at the top of Tiang there are some equipments to install every kind Penangkal Petir. 

       Both public buildings and private buildings should be fully protected against the risks of petir or lightning. If you are a business enterprise, you will be subjecting yourself to liability issues by not installing Tiang Penangkal Petir in your premises. You will also be subjecting yourself with compliance issues if you don’t install Tiang Penangkal Petir in your buildings. Tiang Penangkal Petir is not required to save yourself from liability issues and compliance issues but it is even more important because you cannot put people’s life at risk. Absence of Tiang Penangkal Petir can also subject you to the risk of property damage. All these should explain enough the importance of installing Tiang Penangkal Petir. 

     Here are some important factors, which need to be taken into account while sourcing your Tiang Penangkal Petir. When you are selecting your Tiang to arrest Petir, you should not make your decision solely based on the prices. This is one of the major mistakes that most customers make. What is the use of having a Tiang Penangkal Petir if it does not work the way it should? In such cases, you might as well not install one. Do not try to cut corners when it comes to purchasing Tiang Penangkal Petir.

     Quality should be your top priority when it comes to buying your lightning arrester poles. Look for premium quality Tiang Penangkal Petir. You will have to look at quality from two different levels. Firstly, the Penangkal Petir that you are purchasing should be functionally effective. If it is not functionally effective then you will still be faced with the same hazards despite having a Tiang Penangkal Petir on which you would have already spent some money. Secondly, it should be made of top quality materials so that it is durable. Poor quality Tiang Penangkal Petir will only double your expenses because you will be forced to replace them within a short time. You should therefore take long-term benefits into account while purchasing your Tiang Penangkal Petir.

      Reputation of the company from which you are buying your Tiang Penangkal Petir is also important. Whether you are just ordering single Tiang Penangkal Petir or placing a bulk order for Tiang Penangkal Petir, they should be able to deliver you the products in a timely fashion. Though we said that you should not select your Tiang Penangkal Petir just based on the price, it is equally important at the same time you should not end up paying exorbitant prices for your Tiang Penangkal Petir. Reputed companies will not only be able to deliver you excellent quality products but they will also sell them at nominal prices and deliver them at a timely fashion. You will also receive very good customer service from such companies. 

     Always buy Tiang Penangkal Petir that meet the strict quality guidelines. Never compromise on the quality. You will have to scout around a bit to find that perfect supplier of Tiang Penangkal Petir and you will certainly reap the benefits for the groundwork that you do in selecting the correct supplier.

Tiang PJU Antik

        How To Choose Tiang PJU Antik? 

        There are various types of street lighting solutions and not all street lighting solutions fit for all situations. You need to choose the apt street lighting products based on where you are planning to install your lighting poles. One of the popular public street lighting options that we have today is Tiang PJU Antik or antique street lighting poles. In which scenarios will it be suitable to use antique public street lighting poles? 

        Let us look at some of the most common places where Tiang PJU Antik will be an ideal fit. As the name suggests, these light poles will have antique look and feel. It will be an excellent choice for street lighting needs in premium residential layouts. They are also used in many parks and walking trails. This should trigger more ideas in you, where you can possibly make use of Tiang PJU Antik. If you are looking for public street lighting options for your resort or your cottage houses, Tiang PJU Antik will be an excellent option. Tiang PJU Antik can also be used in holiday houses.

        We can go on and on with a long list of places where Tiang PJU Antik can be used not only to provide public street lighting solutions but also to beautify the place. If you are reclaiming any heritage sites or historical locations then it will be a good choice to use Tiang PJU Antik to illuminate the region. Many restaurants also use Tiang PJU Antik in their parking lot. It is also common to see Tiang PJU Antik in shopping zones with boutique styled shops.

        Tiang PJU Antik are available in aluminum, steel and other materials. The choice of the material is totally yours. Tiang PJU Antik also come in many interesting designs. You will therefore have wide range of options when you start sourcing your Tiang PJU Antik. When you are planning to purchase Tiang PJU Antik, you should remember to take into account number of other factors too besides the aesthetic beauty of the lighting poles. You need to take into account the durability of the Tiang PJU Antik that is being chosen. As these light poles will be installed outdoors, it is important that you get good quality poles. They need to last a lifetime otherwise; you will be replacing your Tiang PJU frequently, which will only double your expenses. You should make sure to identify the right suppliers of Tiang PJU Antik so that you will be able to get good quality poles.

The Tiang PJU Antik that you install should be easy to maintain and it should not have any additional expenses on the long run. You should therefore make your choices very carefully once and for all. Once you have identified the right suppliers the first time, you will be able to order for your Tiang PJU Antik easily for all subsequent needs without wasting any time in reviewing multiple suppliers. Choose trusted suppliers right at the first time and you certainly be happy with your choice.

Tiang Octagonal (segi 8) Plum

  Tiang Octagonal (segi 8) Plum

adalah tiang octagonal dengan profil body bergelombang menyerupai buah plum. Tiang dapat dibuat sampai tinggi maksimal 12 meter. Tiang oktagonal plum merupakan model tiang baru sebagai pilihan alternatif & inovasi dari tiang oktagonal biasa. Kelebihan tiang tersebut hanya terdiri atas 1segmen (bukan pengabungan slip antara 2 segmen) sehingga memudahkan dalam proses instalasinya. Kami adalah produsen tiang pertama & tunggal sampai saat ini yang mampu memproduksi tiang model oktagonal plum di Indonesia.


Instalasi & Erection Tiang Lampu Sorot Highmast Automatic System Awal November 2013

Instalasi & Erection Tiang Lampu Sorot Highmast Automatic System Awal November 2013

Tiang Lampu Sorot Lapangan Sepakbola; Pabrikasi di workshop pada November 2013 untuk Stadion di Ciamis, Jawa Barat;

Tiang Lampu Sorot Lapangan Sepakbola; Pabrikasi di workshop pada November 2013 untuk Tiang Lampu Stadion Sepakbola di Ciamis, Jawa Barat;

Tower Monopole Polygonal & High Mast saat proses pengelasan automatik

Tower Monopole Tubular Polygonal dan Tiang High Mast saat proses pengelasan automatik.

Instalasi Tiang PJU Dekoratif Jalan Tol Benoa Bali

Tiang PJU Dekoratif atau Tiang Lampu Hias harus fungsional pada malam hari dan juga menampilkan kesan anggun dan artistik pada siang hari. Tujuannya mendesain tiang lampu hias adalah untuk menciptakan corak khas yang mengandung unsur warisan budaya setempat (relief antik) dengan juga memenuhi aspek artistiknya.


Tips For Selecting Your Tiang Lampu Hias

        Are you in the process of selecting your Tiang Lampu Hias? The entire process of finding the best Tiang Lampu Hias can prove to be highly challenging. There are number of factors to be taken into account such as the number of Tiang Lampu you need, the price, the height of each Tiang the styles available etc. Above all, the quality of the Tiang Lampu Hias should be commendable. Here are some tips on how to go about finding the best Tiang Lampu Hias for your needs. 
      The first step in selecting your Tiang Lampu is to delineate your requirements. You should never approach the Tiang Lampu market before having a clear understanding of your own requirements because if you do so, you are very likely to be confused with the options that are before you. Prepare a clear chart that includes important information such as the total number of Tiang Lampu you need. Secondly, you will need to know your requirements on the height of the Tiang because the lamp poles are available in various heights. Selecting from one of the standard or available sizes will be cheaper when compared to ordering Tiang Lampu Hias with custom height. If you are going to get just one or two Tiang, then it may not make much of a difference but on the other hand, if you are going to need a large number of Tiang, then even a minor difference in the cost per Tiang will result in massive difference in the overall costs. Moreover, if you are going to need Tiang Lampu Hias in bulk numbers then you are likely to have access to wholesale rates or at least some sizeable volume discounts. It is therefore best to consolidate your requirements and place the order for your Tiang Lampu Hias in one shot to avail volume discounts. 
        Once you are ready with your requirements, you need to now identify a reputed Tiang Lampu Hias manufacturer or a brand that guarantees quality. Your Tiang Lampu Hias has to last a lifetime and not just few months. So finding the best quality Tiang Lampu Hias is very important. Many people make the mistake of first selecting the designs or the styles of their Tiang Lampu Hias before taking into account the other factors listed above. While it is important that the Lampu Hias has to be aesthetically appealing what is the use of installing one if it is not going to last more than a few months. On the other hand, when you first establish the quality of the Tiang Lampu, you can enjoy the best service and get the best value for your money. The best place to start your search is the internet because you will have access to the best companies easily. Online search for Tiang Lampu Hias will help you find what you need fast right from your home. You will also be able to get quote from multiple companies and compare quotes before placing your order.